20 Great tools to check your site load time online

Having a blog that runs fast and responds faster is every bloggers delight, you may have to get into the basics of your site, but it’s well worth it. Not only it keeps visitors in hand, but also it has been heard that Search Engines like Google loves the sites that load faster and responds effectively.

Many of the online blogger still believe that if their site loads faster on their computer, it will work fine with everyone’s. Let me tell you two simple thing

“Not everyone is having the same internet speed as you are, and not everyone keeps their browser’s cache memory full.”

But before you all go and scratch out your brain and load Google with different queries, it’s better to take an overview of your site, to help you get an estimate of the average load time and basic elements that work to get your site loaded on a different computer, here are some of “my” favourite tools.


It’s one of the simplest looking tool to work on, it makes every experience simple effective and more educational, educational in the sense it lets you understand more and more every time you compare your site.

Also it lets you download your report in a pdf, which helps you change your site model offline.

Load Impact

Load Impact is sort of a “Geeky” site to look at after the results, even though most things are just simple to understand, but it’s a plate full of candies for the hardcore developers who would want to get inside the nerves of things.


WebWait is simple tool to run, no big things, no tables, and most of all no-crappy technical things to understand. It sounds easy, works easier and most importantly completes the work that it is made for – It shows you your load time.

And for girls, the site looks like a pink donut.

Gomez Networks

Its gives a brief overview of your site and lets you know the areas where you can work hard to improve your performance and load time as well.

Web Tool Hub

Superfast tool, you enter your site and press enter, it will give you the time. Nothing much and nothing else needed


It not only lets you calculate your sites load time, but also lets you compare different load times of your competitors site’s.

It lets you check 10 different sites at the same time.

Octa Gate

Simple, easy-to-use and effective site speed checker.


The same as all the sites, provides you information about the pages, scripts and elements that may be running slow or may even need some tweaks from you.


Its gives you the average load time from different places around the world, also gives you a pie chart that would help you understand more about the how your site performs in terms of different scripts, tables or elements


It’s an open source tool that allows you to scale your website’s performance and helps you recover those important missing edges that would help you make you site run faster on every available place in the world

Page test

Simple tool to download and install as a plugin along with your browser.

Site Speed Checker from SEO mastering

Let’s you put up to 10 sites at a time and makes it easier to compare and adjust your results


Easy, simple and effective to work with


It does the same as all of the above site tools do, but also contains a little but very important feature – Mobile Test

It helps you see how your site is viewed on the mobile phones, also lets you check the responsiveness of your sites and its elements


It is a multipurpose tool that helps you compare results from different internet tools like, YSlow, Page Speed Insights, WebPageTest and more

Website Optimization

It’s simple, efficient and free to use online to tool to calculate your site’s load time


Which loads faster is actually a creative tool developed to let you compare different sites, it’s actually a fun site but does the job efficiently.

Google Page Speed

Well it’s from Google, what else do you want . It’s the complete package that will pin point all your faults and the areas where you need to work harder. It has a grade system and undoubtedly gives the best result for your site


It is developed by Yahoo and works with a browser as a plugin, it gives great insights and grades according to your site’s performance.

It also gives a detailed explanation about every script and element used on your weblog

Pingdom Tools

It has been my all-time favourite, though I have mentioned it at the last but believe me, if I had told you about this one any earlier than this, you would never have read the rest of the tools.

Over to my readers

If you think I may have misjudged any of the tools or even left a few, please share your views in the comment section below.

Your views will not only give me insights, but will definitely help our community to see more broader things.


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