5 Tips: How to write great article

There are millions of bloggers, who write every day and billions of readers and internet users who read every day. But what is the best thing that makes good authors stand out. It’s their articles, their writing and most importantly a will to learn more.

So learning from different blogger and writer, I have pointed out some tips that have helped me write well and I wish it helps you too.

Don’t be an educated illiterate

I have already written about this, but still so many queries come to me asking if they should write in a friendly tone or go by the professional way. I can’t answer that, actually no one can. It can’t be pre-decided. The topic that you choose may be about expressing your thoughts for something or may even require a professional tone to publicise a product or a brand.

Going always by the book will never lead you anywhere, but writing a book will always open a million ways. Always be yourself never copy, stating this lets move.

Do a little research

The most important step (or even a tip) of writing a good piece is exploring your topic a bit more, taking notes about the facts, making a list of comprehensive points, anything that seems important note it.

Increasing you knowledge about something extra will never harm you but will always benefit you, may not be this time but sometime. And also your viewpoints will increase, you will be able to see different aspects of you niche subject.

There is almost endless information on the web, and if you are writing something there is a chance that it may already had been written by someone. But you can take an idea about “what the topic didn’t cover, what points were strong, and most importantly what will be the next possible theory after this”

Debate with yourself

You are done researching, done with notes, now what? You write your article.

Naah…. Just one little more step, debate within yourself. Should you include this information in your piece or not, is it even related to your topic or not and questions like this will always make you write well for your topic.

After writing the article read it and ask, “Can I relate it to myself?”, if your answer is yes, you have indeed done a good work

Don’t always go by the book; Stop being a robot

Don’t just say or write things, just express what you feel about it. Expression is one of the only great things that makes you who you really are, and trust me if you fail to be the original you, you don’t stand a chance to stand out. Simply because you are copying someone that is already present and has his own audience. How can there be two rulers of the same empire.

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Think about it

What the new guys don’t understand is that people are just not interested listening to them; all they want is the information. And it’s all up to you, how you present it. As I say “food tastes better when served beautifully”.

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And if you think the above article didn’t cover something, you can write about it yourself in your next article or may be just leave comments below.


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