5 Unique Ways To Make Your Blog’s Theme Truly Original

The only trouble with blogs is that most of them are built using the same themes. Especially the more popular ones and it can sometimes feel as if every website on the Internet now looks the same. This isn’t very good for you because your website might look the same as someone else’s. It’s not easy to play about with the inside of a theme when you don’t know how to program computers, but there’s some things you can do that only takes a couple of hours studying and a few seconds to implement.

I think it’s important to look at a few ways you can make your blog stand out. All the really successful people have a design that stands out and if you want to be the same as them you must have one too. If you can’t do any of these things yourself I’m sure you can find someone who can help. There’s an article been written for most theme tweaks and you only need to Google them to find out. These ideas should make your blog stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Pick a certain color

The first thing you must do is choose your main color for your website. This can be anything you want, but should probably have something to do with the individual niche. If you have a Christmas blog I’m sure you will need to squeeze red in there. Once you have your main color this will be the one people come to associate with you. Just make sure you don’t chop and change it all the time.

Individual logo

Self Snitch

Nobody can steal your logo unless they want to break copyright laws, so it sounds like an easy thing to make highly individual. You’re probably going to need this done by a professional unless you know someone that can do it for you. Just keep it simple but make sure it still looks special. You definitely want to use the same color as the one we spoke about before.

Your main link color

This is nothing to do with the main color of your theme, but it’s just as important and probably more so. You want to train people to click on certain links. When someone sees a link it might be something you want them to read. The first few links they click could really help them out. Suddenly they click on a link and it’s to a product you want them to buy. There’s more chance of them buying something when they are used to clicking on the link and seeing great results.

Blog post headlines

You don’t want your headlines to be the same font as your actual article. It confuses people because it doesn’t stand out. If you want to go one better you could even use your blog’s main color for your headlines and sub-headlines. Just make sure you keep the main font a very dark color on a light background. I know that’s the same as everyone else’s website, but when someone finds it too difficult to read your articles they will click away.

Special navigation

Anim High

Your navigation is such an amazing tool because you can lead people to all your products. You’ll know this is even more important with a blog because older posts end up getting buried away deep inside your archives. Considering how important the navigation is you could get something designed so it’s different from everyone else. Maybe special characters to go along with each link. You just want to make it easier for people to search and sometimes looking at a little picture can help.

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