A List of Top Online Retail Businesses to Start in 2013

Are you thinking of starting a business online in 2013 so that you can quit that day job of yours once and for all and become your own boss? Then you should know that 2013 is shaping up to be a very good year for taking the bull by the horns and becoming a web entrepreneur. Here’s a list of a few top retail business ideas that anyone thinking of opening an online store should consider.

 Sell Candy Online

Even in these uncertain economic times we are living in, candy is still one of those little luxuries everyone can still afford. The candy industry is recession-proof and in fact, grew by over 3.5% in 2012 compared to the year before. Some of the biggest brands in candy today were actually introduced to the market during the Great Depression. You could specialize in a particular type of candy such as fine, imported chocolates. Another idea is to sell a wide variety of candies ranging from old-fashioned favorites from yesteryear to the latest and most popular sweet treats being sold today.

 Open a Yoga Supply Store

Yoga is very popular these days and it seems as though there’s a yoga studio on nearly every corner of every mid to large sized city.  Therefore it only makes sense that you could do very well selling yoga products like clothing, yoga mats, foam blocks, eye pillows and water bottles. You could stand out from the crowd of other yoga supply stores by selling only earth-friendly yoga products. Think yoga mats made of bamboo and yoga apparel made from organic cottons and recycled polyester.

 Sell Self-Improvement Specialty Products

During these trying times we are living in, an increasing number of people are working on improving their lives by eating better, exercising, meditating and lowering stress levels.  The self-improvement products and services industry brings in $11 billion each year in the United States alone. The sky really is the limit here as you could zero in on any aspect of self improvement you want ranging from selling stress management programs on DVD to specializing in the sale of diet books featuring weight loss recipes.


Sell Specialty Apparel

If there’s one thing that everybody needs it’s clothing. But instead of selling mainstream clothing, open a retail shop online that sells specialty apparel of some type. A good idea is to sell eco-friendly clothing as more and more attention is being paid to the health of our planet. Or you could specialize in sport-specific clothing that sells well like skateboarding clothing or extreme sports apparel.


Once you decide what type of retail shop to open online, it’s time for the hard work to begin. You will have to obtain any required licenses you need, have a professional build you a website and then decide how you will get your products to your buying customers.

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Peter Moore writes about business and internet marketing. He writes for Barrett Distribution Centers a company that provides logistics systems for business.

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