What backlinks are? And how shouldn’t they be used

Backlinks are not new; they have been there from the starting of Search Engines. They are in a few of the methods that actually calculate your website’s rank. Also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” and may be a few more terms. If you are into Search Engine optimization, you may know this term very well by now, but if you are a newcomer then the simple definition to the term is:

“Links from various sites that link to you”


“Sites that have mentioned your address in their article or their weblog”

These are one of the most important building blocks of your website, not only these grab more audience and traffic, but also informs search engines about the availability of your site around the globe. Engines like Google always want the best for their user and they expect that from every publisher or blogger who has a site; and more number of quality links lead to better view in their search results.

Now here is the catch, I just said number of “Quality backlinks”, if your weblog has a 10 inbound links from a site of same category and 100 from un-related content sites, you would only be able to get the fruits from the 10 that came from the right niche.


For example if you have a blog about cooking or anything related to cooking and you get an inbound link from a technology site like ChipRip. That link would be invalid in terms of Google. And you would have just wasted time collecting that.

“Many out there just build links; you make “Quality backlinks”.

Now there are ways to get backlinks, one of them is reciprocal link exchange, which is not liked by search engines at all. They think of it as a manipulated game and hence don’t count it as a valid link, and using these methods come can make your site invisible from the search results, i.e. you site may be banned by Google for practicing these methods.


The sole purpose of a backlink is to get audience from one site to another, now suppose you have an incoming link from a SEO or Social media blog to a pet blog; then I don’t think user searching from a pet blog site will be interested in anything that you offer. So like ways Search Engines also like having a little common sense in themselves. And that is the reason they don’t give value to the un-related links.

Get the correct pieces together before you continue.

Simple 2 second advise from me (mostly from Google, unofficially): Get links from the sites where if you would go, and would like to visit your own site for more reference.

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