What should be the correct keyword density?

Keywords are the most important building blocks of any SEO strategy, and simultaneously we should know the correct proportion to add it into our mix of the article so as to the attain the perfect taste of search engines results.

It is not always a sure shot success for every post you publish, but it is naturally the most important brick in the structure of your blog. Enough of this, let’s get to business.

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Why is keyword density important?

Being a human we can tell the difference between the good and the bad, or if the content is even relevant to the title given above the post. But as search engines actually rely on computers they have to have some kind of algorithms to select the best suited post for the query entered.

So they actually depend on the bloggers, not exactly on us but technically they depend on our blog posts, they see and measure the number of keywords that we are using inside the article and if there are enough number of some selective words they think that the article is related to that particular Key“Word”.

Keywords are not only one words, they could be phrases of a sentence also. But the best way to judge an article is not through its keywords, because many a times there is situation where keywords are just few matching words for the same category, but not very specific, like in India, we actually search for “cricket matches today” but if its an IPL, we may search for a different term, but no we want Google to do everything for us. So what a search engine does, it simply takes the trending queries and load them up with yours and see if it matches it. So as I wrote above, it has a lot of algorithms to judge the query and load the best results in.

How is it calculated?

It’s a simple formula that is how much percentage of keywords you are placing inside the article.

You can also calculate it by the formula:

keyword formula

How much should be my Keyword Density?

Google has not actually told this but according to many bloggers, it is a safe bet on 2-3% use of keywords inside the article. Other than Google, Bing and other search engines allow it up to 5 percent.

Note: all of the above percentages are taken from different forums, and the majority of them is displayed above.

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My Take on this:

Keyword density is an important factor, but totally devoting and leaning over this is just not acceptable. And either way search engines rely on this, but also there are other factors that affect your articles including your other SEO strategies.

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