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Don’t blog my mistakes, learn from mine

blog mistakesIn the past few months I have had several different opinions about blogging, SEO and ofcourse internet marketing, but what never changed was my will to keep digging deeper and effectively run a blog online.

This period also gave me enough time to think about people who want to join blogging as a career option, but are afraid to risk time and effort on the internet, because no matter how appealing it looks to be, they want to be sure.

To give them a simple answer, “it’s a tedious job

Moreover, if you lack dedication and are not at all hardworking, stop thinking about it, it is not for you. In addition, people who say you can do it with a little time on internet are definitely asking for money for a self-prepared guide about blogging. It’s just something that will never actually happen and you will finally lose hope on the web world, but if you seriously want to be a blogger, read on!!

And donate that money to Charity..!!

A Cheater always fails

When my first blog came out (it was on blogspot and it was almost 3 years ago), it was about health and skin products and it was a flop idea and a fake way to present myself as a skin specialist, which I was NOT, and no one ever cared.

To make it clear, I didn’t know about SEO or any big fish terms back then, but it was soon that I realized that the best will always win.

About my health articles, I always copied articles from someone else’s site and pasted on my own blog, which in Google’s point of view is a crime, and I totally agree. My question

Q. How to write original content.

Helplessly, I searched the same question in Google, well the answer was quite simple and workable.

“Write what you know, covering every possible aspect about your topic”

My first answer -“How can I write about things I know, I know everything and I have internet to tell me about things I don’t know. Therefore, I am a genius with a computer.”

My second answer – “Okay, I don’t know about skin, health, sports, finance…” and the list kept increasing and I loaded Google with tons of queries, but suddenly I realized I can research about topics, can re-write article in that topic and I do have a little knowledge about internet and technology.

That was the time, when I realized that I can write about internet, its use and can give my experiences to others for the sake of mistakes, I made.

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What next?

Nothing, I sat down for 2 weeks and searched everything that I could think of, so almost every time I searched for a term, there were thousands of result in the result page and my desktop was filled with documents that were all related to blogging as a career alternative.

These articles, not only inspired me, but also gave me a head start to start writing about blog tips and SEO factors, but still, as I didn’t know much about it, I never gave it a try.

Just prepare well for everything, blogging is not at all being on a social site and updating your status, it’s much more complex and time consuming than an average 10-to-5 job.

Find important topics, research about them and then write about them. Be aware that there are hundreds of blogs coming up every day, so try to give people a reason to stick to yours.

“Write the best, not for Google, for the audience”

You think you can write well, seriously…?

When I was writing articles, there was no one to tell me about my wrongs or point out my mistakes. So the only way to find out was a directory, I wrote about the Apple iPhone and submitted on “

That seemed the only sure way to know if I could write without grammatical errors, make correct sense of sentences and get my article published online.

After waiting for a week, they approved my article and it was live at the most famous article directory.

If you don’t have anyone to judge your posts, submit them to high quality article directories, they read it and tell you about your mistakes and common errors.

Well that’s how I did it, if there is another way to check, let me know via comments.

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Problem – Boosted confidence, a new blog and another failed attempt!!

Even though I knew what exactly I did wrong and corrected it in the second attempt, but never actually succeeded in doing.

Technology blog was up and running, but still no luck in grabbing visitors, it was all in the time when I completely left blogging and went with simple freelance writing.

Well with a little luck, I got a contract for writing articles for a home-designing site and they were impressed with my writing. Also they gave me another project about technology blogging, where they actually succeeded in making a blog a good blog, but what never I knew and they never told me, was the secret of How to blog successfully.

[Note: I cannot disclose the names of the blogs I worked for]

Frustration, Stupidity and a bit of SEO.

Even though, they never told me anything about blogging, there were certain times where I actually heard them say a few words about, SEO, keywords, links… and more.

This was the time when Google came to rescue, and made me aware of the terms internet marketing, affiliate marketing and much more. I was on a completely new level of understanding and I could see the passion in me talking about SEO, and then for the first time I wrote a post about SEO and could actually explain about it.

So I decided to build my online presence on the web and directories, I was confident enough to give myself the credit of link building and then everything just kept coming.

It was time for blog to come out. Article directories, forums, blogs, social sites… I was everywhere. People knew about my blog, my work and many of them appreciated. And that was exactly what was needed.

So to conclude it all, I did what SEO experts said, they said

  • Be present every, I was there
  • Always blog regularly, I did
  • Commenting, Forum posting and joining different blogging communities, I did that all.

And the blog gained traffic, every single day… the visitor count just kept on increasing and is still increasing.


Not just great content, but good SEO strategies help you blog better and that is the reason you succeed, try to do both and you will see success, SOON!!!

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# If I left something or you have any doubts please let me know via comments, will definitely reply.

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