Face real arguments before starting a blog, tips to consider while writing

Blogging is not just anything to suit you, correct category affects you the most, I have written hundreds of articles as of now and all are into some similar niches – technology, SEO and Blog writing. But there is always one thing in common, my passion for all the above categories has never been degraded but only increased.

When selecting a category there are few things to keep in mind, actually there are few things that you should never do. But to regain that conscious you should first ask yourself:

“What is the most important niche that you will never get bored of?”

There are multiple categories and niches available on internet, and also between them are plenty of topics you love to read about, but again are you ready to write about them?

There is just no expert other than you who can answer this question, keeping the collective knowledge of what you like and what can work for you the best of all. Often many of the people out there believe that you can write about anything ‘coz there is just too much available on internet. But it in-turns make you dependent on internet and other sources, and of all the most important things that you don’t want to happen to you, is your source going wrong.  What then, you are totally dependent of third party and you can’t do a thing about it.

So a simple advice to newbies out there:  Always write about something that not only interests you but also that can be well written from you, blogging is never is easy and with time going so fast will never be easy. Every blogger out there knows that and every internet maniac can understand.

“Don’t write for demands, write forever”

Every blogger wants to run a show that is successful, and to be wanted we all write for the demands that people and consumers on the internet want, but ; there is one thing is for sure – demands  change every day and users want something different and you cannot always fulfil all, that is required. Because a topic you chose will be the theme of the blog and changing your theme frequently is way too difficult and injurious for your blog. As taken from the perspective from user base, your regular visitors will decrease and you will have to start a fresh from the new category.

Now for example if you take the hot topic of any news that is running on web, will only last for few months or even days, but if you take an always needed topic like how to make some recipe or how to fix your computer or any electronic gadget, it will be needed for years as these things have a long shelf life and people always search for these topics.

My advice: Write something that can last forever not that can die any moment. Blogging is tuff but it always teaches you when you do it, research and create new topics within the ones that are to stay here for ages

“Think clear, write clear”

Most of the new bloggers I meet are confused in themselves, they complain knowing every thing but still cannot write anything. That always happens, even to me and many of the famous writers and bloggers out there. But the most important part is to start –

We always start writing something from between and then at the end we give it a good start.

What I meant from the above statement is write whatever you know and at the end when you think you have written everything that was known to you, just fine tune your article.

Even if you have messed up in it, try to rephrase it in between adding new paragraphs and small headlines in between, this not only increases quality of your articles, but also makes you competent writer out there in front.

My advice: Whatever you write about – make it readable for other users who come by your blog to get information.  I read this quote somewhere on the internet

“Whether or not you write well, write bravely”

Author bio: this article was written by Raghav Thakur, Editor and proof reader at ChipRip.com, he writes articles related to Technology, SEO and Blogging.

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