Facebook the New Business Frontier

Facebook’s little online web has expanded beyond all measure. It’s not just the place that helps you go from nerd to social butterfly, it’s now turned into the place where you play your games, find your news, plan your events, and evidently even find your favorite brands. What’s the big deal? The fact that company and brand based websites aren’t generating as much traffic as their Facebook pages do. Facebook has had issues with privacy in the past what with it acting like a pc monitoring software or spy software for cell phones and stealing people’s data. It surprises many critics how it continues to move forward and expand into different fields that touch users’ lives. And yet forward is the only direction it moves in. It’s an important part of many a business these days, so important that it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Facebook can change the shape of a business or brands sales entirely!

Lab42 reports…

If you had to take an estimate, how much time do you think you spend online? Most statistical research will tell you: a lot. There’s a rising trend where people leave their Facebook accounts running all day while they work, or subscribe to instant notifications so they can stay on top of their newsfeed activity. In light of that trend Lab42 conducted a market research with over 1,000 participants to analyze their social media patterns. The research concluded that more than 80 percent of those surveyed looked towards Facebook to connect with the brands and companies that they had an interest in. Logically, most of us would try to solicit a response from a company that has an active Facebook page rather than going to their website and looking for a ‘contact us’ page.

Not all good news

Lab42’s research also shows that users do a lot more than just complain about a rotten product on a business page. Liking and unliking a page has a lot to do with how well a business performs. The lower they fall in terms of their standards, the lower likes they’ll get. To stay popular with the crowd and to reach a larger audience it’s important that businesses keep customers happy. The downside is that one wrong SEO mistake, one wrong answer and a business could end up losing droves of users. Over half the people being interviewed admitted that they unlike a page when they’re not satisfied with a product/brand/business. If a firm is found spamming its own users it’s likely to get a boot. If businesses and brands don’t watch their social networking etiquette they might end up in hot waters.

At the end of the day our newsfeed are important to us because they keep up atop of the things that we find interesting and important – interacting with the brands and businesses that we buy into our daily lives is important for most users, and Facebook has provided the ultimate opportunity for both consumers and producers to come together for a better experience.

Author Bio:  James Clark is a leading name in the Technology industry. He blogs for mobistealth. His comprehensive work in this field has given a boost to his recognition amongst readers as a specialist. His work is particularly appreciated by readers for its up-to-date information regarding Computer and Internet monitoring applications.

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  1. Well actually its even better that people have the say in the end. Most of the times they just keep liking something and when they feel the pinch they unlike it. So to do promotions for just the sake of likes will never work out for any business.

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