Keyword Placing: When, Where, & How many for SEO

There are articles and there are successful articles. Successful articles are the ones that actually make up their way to Google’s first page result. There are always awful lot of myths going on in the world of SEO, especially about keywords, like how and how much should they be used in the paragraphs or in the total article itself.

To let you know at first, there are no sure shot hits in the world of SEO, as the search engines are evolving, and so are their strategies to pin-point the posts that they think would fit better for the searched queries entered.

But the basics are always the same, you do not need to SPAM the web world, just be relevant and place keywords where they actually belong to. Simple isn’t it?

Moving on to the basics:

#1 When: should you use keywords

If in the middle of writing an article you feel that the keyword that you are describing fits well, meaning if it sounds like it was meant to be there, then only use it. Otherwise if you are only using it to increase your keyword density. Then please don’t!

It’s better to have less density that to fill your keywords artificially into the article. Your article should look like natural and original.

#2 Where should your main keyword be placed?

Like I told you earlier, use keywords when they are actually required, but also if your single sentence is using a lot of same words, then try to ditch the same line and go on with a number of lines where you can also use a different pattern to make it clearer to your readers.

For example:

“Chocolate brownie from the xyz chocolate factory are very chocolaty”

So in the above sentence it totally feels that you are emphasizing on the word chocolate, so try to use it a number of lines, so as to avoid being in the search engines spam list and marked as spammers

#3 How many keywords should you use

Now there has been many different thoughts about this, by many of the popular bloggers, but the best one can only be found within you. To explain this keep your concentration on the below points and I think you might get what I want to tell you EXACTLY

  • If you are using a tons of different keywords in your article, then maybe you are doing it wrong. As we already know that search engine are evolving, they want that whatever word you are using is explained within the same article and not just for the sake of keywords.
  • You may have around 10% of different keywords in the same article but you should actually be able to relate them with the same article and not anything else

Always have in mind that whatever is readable and informative, only that will surpass the Google algorithms and nothing else.

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Finally, you should be able to co-relate with your own article, before publishing it on your blog/Website.

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