Man posted on Facebook “I’m about to get shot” and gets shot by Police

I know everyone wants to be famous on Facebook or Internet, but this guy took it way too seriously. Eric Ramsey, 30, who was shot by a Police officer, had posted a status at 3:15 AM on Facebook, saying that he was going to get shot.

“Well folks im about to get shot.Peace”, last status update made my Ramsey from his mobile phone (reported by on January 17th The 30 year old man was running clueless from a crime scene, that included raping and kidnapping a woman, stealing a sanitation truck and setting a house on fire.

The Police was already searching for him, as the victim escaped somehow and alerted the cops about him. After stealing a truck he struck it with a cop car, after which the officer went out and opened fire, which fatally wounded Eric, the suspect.

It is still unclear at what time he was shot and why did he do all this?

After knowing this I’m in a state of dilemma and asking myself, is Social Media so much grown on to us? And where are the golden days when people actually hid wrongs they did in the world.

This is not the first case to be reported, where suspects posted statuses to let their friends know what is happening to them.

I still remember, in 2011 in Utah, a man held a woman as hostage for 16 hours and constantly posted updates of what is happening at that very time.

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