Perfect New Year’s Resolutions taken by Bloggers to Highlight their Blog

While time has come for the Christmas bells to ring again and New Year around the corner. It’s time of the year again when everyone chalks out their new year’s resolution. Just like other people, every blogger also do wish that the forthcoming year may bring more visitors and opportunities for their blogs.

Hence, a couple of New Year’s resolution has been highlighted that a hustling blogger should try and keep.


Give a Dashing Look to your Blog: It’s a new beginning, so you should give your blog a better way to boost up once again. It is the most direct and infact the best way to make your blog look different as well as stand out from the rest. It would be better for your blog if you could make it personalized by embellishing it with trendy designs and eye catching color streams. The most unique idea would be if you could design an exclusive style for your blog. This would draw the attention of your readers too.

Try to Maintain a Schedule for your Blog: It would be better if you could maintain a schedule for your blog. It has to be kept in mind that quality content should be the top priority. So, it is always better to post some uniquely written content in the blog rather than updating your blog with some hastily content.

Make it as the best place for communication: Blog can be the best place for communication. It is a very precious thing when people leaves comments on your blog and you do need to reply on that. Commenting on blogs do increases interaction with your visitors and you must take it seriously. The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed reader can help you to interact with more readers by getting latest updates to their feed readers. So, you can try and make the full use of it.

Try to make your blog active as possible: A simple blog is good but that is not everyone’s choice. More and more blogger are trying to make their blog exclusive and exceptional by adding some interesting features in it such as adding videos and podcasts. So, always try to make your blog vivid and interactive as possible. Adding videos to your blog can be the most interesting feature one can ever think of and in this way, you can easily achieve the attention of your visitors. Therefore, it is possible if you use screen recording software like ‘Camstudio’ to create your own screen video easily.

Say a Strict “NO” to spam and advertisement: This can be the best resolution a blogger should take for his blog. It is really troublesome and bogus when you get endless spam comments with worthless words and unknown links occupying your blog. In order to get rid of that, you need to find something to protect it from all those junks. Apart from allowing the no-follow attribute to avoid the spam links, you can also take the advantage of the ‘Captcha’ technique to strain out the majority of waste comments.

Squeeze out your time for marketing and promotion: Unique content writing should not be the only resolution a blogger should take upon. Apart from this, he should also make out some for his blog marketing. Promotion is also necessary in order to make his blog reach out to his readers. Social media marketing, email marketing can be the best options you can opt for while promoting your blog.

Offer free things in your blog: This is natural human phenomenon that they always like free things and is crazy about it. Infact, your blog will be more accepted among your readers if you share some resources and ideas free in your blog. Hence, it would recommendable not to ask for a single penny while your visitors visits your blog for the first time. Asking for money from your visitors would not build a good reputation for you as well as for your blog too.

Concentrate more on “content” quality than on “amount” quantity:  Although money is not everything but yes sometimes it is everything for all of us. After establishing a blog, it is better to concentrate more on the quality of the content and not by running after money. Blogs can be the best source of earning online but it would be advisable to first concentrate on the content and improve your quality of writing. Then earning a lot of bucks from your blog won’t be a problem anymore.

That’s all about the wish list of the bloggers in the New Year. It will definitely help your blog to be the highlighted one among all. Rather than making these resolutions, it would be better if you could implement it. Therefore, before gearing up once again for a busy and eventful year, this foreseeable question is likely to be very common as usual –

“What’s your New Year’s Resolution?”

So, bloggers feel free to share with us if you have taken any.

About Author: Aditi Datta is a proficient writer and a concentric blogger. She is an avid content writer touching on topics from various freelance content writing facts to helpful content writing tips & tricks. She also expertise in giving advices on topics that includes elite articles on blogging.

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