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5 Reason behind your unsuccessful blog

Admit it! You are somehow responsible for your blog’s failure and you will not succeed until you do something about “YOURSELF”. There are numerous things that let you down, and directly put your blog in harm’s way, for starters let me point them out five of them for you.

1)      You spend time researching, but not doing.

Research on internet

You are always on internet searching for different niche categories related to your blog, you spent plenty of time to explore and write about them in your blog. Even find ways to promote your blog online, but think!

Do you really apply anyone on your blog/ or site?

No, if you could have worked on any of the few exploring facts on your site, it would have been a much different scenario and definitely, you would not be reading this.

2)      Facebook!

wasting time on facebook

You say, we need it for our social reach, and I agree, but tell me how much do you work on it rather than reading status updates and unnecessary news on it. Some may even argue that they don’t use Facebook that much, its all the same Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, we need them all but think about  the time you waste rather than investing it on your own blog or atleast researching for a better opportunity than them.

3)      You blog irregularly

The most common reason for the failure, even I know I’m doing this one. Bloggers like me only publish when they think they want, but blogging is another time consuming area where you need to spend most of the hours.

Forget about the stupid ads where they say, “Spend an hour in a week and get $$$’s” If it would be so easy, they would just quit posting ads about it and sit home to relax and enjoy their not-so-hard-earned money.

4)      You are not Productive

work smart not hard

Even if you say, you blog regularly, you don’t work smartly. You just put in the efforts and think that it will all come to you directly. No! You have to figure out ways to do more productive things in the same time that you have actually waste on doing things that are either unnecessary or are of low priority.

5)      Giving Up!!

Giving Up Inspirational Quote

Factually speaking, many of the bloggers quit there blog in the first 6 months itself. If you think your blog will beat the ones sitting above you, then sorry its not a day’s job. All of the successful bloggers have put in years and years of effort to rank their blog that high, and getting above them will take TIME, PATIENCE & WILL POWER.

4 thoughts on “5 Reason behind your unsuccessful blog

  1. I like you 1, 4 and 5th point. I don’t think blogging has something to do with blog readers. If you have quality content and you can market it properly then you don’t require daily postings and yup. giving up is the main reason behind the many falls :)

  2. Now that I have a street team I’ve been thinking about this. I love how well they promote me, but my reach stays the same unless more people join my street team. For blog tours and such, I’ll have to reach outside of them to make sure I’m not only focusing on a core group of my reader

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