SEO: What to keep in mind for 2013

If there was something that I learned from 2012, that SEO is not the same cheap link building strategies anymore. The search giant that we depend upon is changing its algorithm frequently, like it did its penguin updates more than 13 times last year. And offcourse most of us depend on Google. So what to do?

Go on expand your views, learn and earn

Changing your strategies every time there is an update, would not just be hard but would put all your earlier done hard work into the box. Start to expand from the beginning, if already begun then it’s never too late to give your business a new edge, give it a thought. Read the rest

Don’t just stick to one keyword

People often work with the same strategies for a long time and end up in a situation they have to start again from or even worse they can’t come back. They are the most frustrated ones for two reasons

  1. There plans have flopped
  2. They don’t have a plan “B”
  3. They will have to work hard again

What I would say is that SEO strategies are based on trends and trends change every day, so why don’t modify your tactics with the possible incoming change.

e.g. consider every link coming to is from the same anchor text “buy computers cheap computer”

Then the quality of your site may seem to be low, actually your site may seem to be a spam site, with spam-my titles, obviously Google will not be liking that.

My advice: don’t just use few keywords to define your internet identity but use abundant keywords. Note: – by abundance I am not referring to use any keyword, but relevant anchor texts to describe your niche subject.

Don’t use one promotion strategy

I have heard that SEO is a vast field to learn from, and there are tons of methods any one can use. So why people act as a bot and choose a set of predefined strategies and work up on them, why not make new definitions to think on and stay up to date with the latest coming trends.

As I mentioned earlier, trends would and techniques should change.

e.g. if you choose to do simple guest posts, or just forum posting for the rest of the time after doing On-Page Optimization for your site, what good will it be.

The problem is someone on the internet says do this, and the rest of us follows him blindly. The main point of having and running a successful site is to do explore new ideas, and practising them (and ofcourse not by exploiting any webmaster guideline)

My advice: don’t stick to one plan, do more, explore more and learn more. Learning never fails you until you learn the wrongs

Don’t be dependent

Okay now this is going to sound crazy, but don’t just depend on Google. Think of other ways to flow traffic, yeah its tough but what if suddenly someone else’s strategies come into play and you are out of the league.

Go for Social Bookmarking, keep your audience by email subscription and also try Twitter to reach your targeted users.

Now if you would have noticed that I mentioned Twitter differently other than including it in social bookmarking, because platforms like Facebook give you an opportunity to continuously stay in touch with your users by having them follow you. You can decide what reaches them.

Also with this you have the strength to observe the latest trends happening within your audience.

My advice: Build your online presence and let them remember you, not just by few ways but engage them with yourself, exchanging your views, maybe new products or just the updates on the older ones. Do anything to keep your users busy and engaged within you, yourself and your brand.

If you feel that the above article is missing some info, or can have other viewpoints then please share it with us and our readers, you are deeply welcomed to express your thoughts. (comments below)

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