Does a smartphone make you smart or a dumb person?

Now you have a smartphone, not categorically speaking but there are only few to mention iPhone, Android or the Blackberry, and yes you can also count Windows phone in it. But now we are just talking about its use over your own brains use.

Most Users are definitely like me, I suppose. Not just making calls but also keeping in touch with everyone from the apps installed (from WhatsApp to Skype) most of them are free and of course making you come closer to bridge over the gap, given by roads. But likewise they have other uses (as they are already called smartphones) from calculating simple mathematical problems to ask Google about the problems you can’t solve. And obviously you totally use every single penny you have invested in your phone to be smart.

But have you ever considered using a smart-gadget that makes you dumber day by day, like for example if you want to solve a problem you could just solve it yourself and actually just refresh your mathematics skills, but not; we simply use our smartphone’s calculator to add and substract our daily bills, well that not only makes us dependent on technology, but also lets our brain get rusty.

Scientists can’t relate anything stupid with the use of cell phones, but please just spend a day without your “not-so-dumb-phone” and you will get my point. I actually realized this only by letting my phone go away for less than 4 hours; actually it was not kept away willingly but it broke and within the second hour I bought a new one and installed back all the apps that were previously with me (or more precisely the ones I remembered); not because I had to make or receive some important calls but wanted to chat with my Facebook buddies and see the tweets that were made by my favourite celebrities’.

But most importantly it was the simple calculations that I could have solved on a piece of paper and asking silly questions like “list of programs to be aired this evening” from Google. And after spending the whole day with the new phone I was back on my track to become more dumber (again), I actually realized; me and my friends were going less on the out-trips than usual when we had those simple phones that were just used to call and drop important messages.

My smartphone was just enough to keep me busy for a long day and was responsible for all my meetings and reminders; I was reminded that I can’t just tell what day is it without my phone. All was into it and the worst was yet to be seen.

All my contacts were in my last phone (for of course I never actually created a backup for), and then my reminders and meeting list was again on it and for the final curse (you won’t of course believe it, but) my banking password was in it. And there I was again realizing what technology gives us and what it actually takes along with it.

Making myself look dumb, I again entered the store (where I bought my new and old phone) I said “I would like to get this one repaired in front of my eyes” And the store manager gave me a look like I had asked for his daughter’s hand. But then I explained him the reason and he (ofcourse) agreed to get all the contacts back for me including those important numbers (which were surely deleted, again in front of me)

So the MORAL:

Personal life of a smartphone user is never personal without his phone

And stop using it like the oxygen that you can’t live without.

Now that I have realized the truth I try to leave it in my room to have morning coffee, but again my phone is kind of habit (good or bad), which I don’t think I can ever leave.

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