Spammers, why they never understand!

We mostly have two types of people who read our blog

#1 People who love to read our thoughts

#2 People who share their thoughts with us

Now, 1st one is the best, as there is audience we want to reach and there are different people who are interested in our blog and its content.

And in the second case there is a very fine line between real people and spammers, real guys who want to share their real knowledge and want to ask us the real questions. And on the other hand there are people who want to SPAM us with their incomplete comments, answers or any new way that they can get their hands on.

Excited and frustrated

When we all log into our accounts every day, the first thing that we all see are the comments, which is the most exciting moment of the day, and when we open up our comment section box, we all are frustrated with the number of spams we see.

And the most frustrating part is we have to hand-pick the comments, so that the users with real queries are not ignored and also spammers don’t get in between the conversation.


All the bloggers can naturally make out the difference between real and fake comments, at-least any person using internet would see the difference. So why not fake guys get it

# Common comments that I encounter every day:

Motor Pumps says “Awesome article, really loved it – was searching for the info for more than a day, and your article is really well written and awesome, awesome and some more awesome”

Okay so your real name is “motor pumps” and pumps found my article after a full-day research, interesting, and also motors are looking for my blogging site – super interesting.

Me: Oh’ I’m so honoured to have “motors” comment on my blog, I thought real people were dead and there is only you who understands that how well I write, and that’s why I am sending you to my spam folder. Thank you for this awesome comment.

# We know there is a world there, but we only understand English

I know there could be different readers from different communities and also from a foreign language who may be interested in my blog’s content.

But if you are reading it in English why do you reply in some other foreign language.

At Last but never the least, we shall hear a little about it from Matt Cutts, Google

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