Top 3 tools to design a website for free

Designing a website is no doubt a cost incurring venture. Getting a website designed would demand investment which may not be affordable for start ups. However, hiring a professional to design a website would cost in excess although a lot of ideas are given to the professional upfront to create the website. But there are online solutions and tutorials that train an individual to design websites for free. Learning online is a process that spares you unnecessary expenditure. The solutions are also easy to use such that they can be tested online.

Users can now browse and download design tools for free from various search engine sources. One must make sure he uses the right tools to design the website. When it comes to smaller and medium businesses, websites seem to have the least features but still have to pay a lot. The following are the most trusted website designing tools for businesses.

Wix is one of the leading website builders offering a range of templates to create websites. The website doesn’t charge on initial use. However Wix’s online store and shopping carts charge as a premium e-commerce package. Though Wix doesn’t use an automatic mobile site option, it is an easy to use browser. Read an extensive Wix Review on Website Planet

Weebly is a popular website builder for the grownups that requires less effort with no cost charged. It lists its main features through a series of menus which can be accessed easily. The drag and drop option in the menu bar is a user friendly option that would entail less strain to work on. Weebly provides users with flexible templates and certain source codes for customized use. All the user needs to do is to enter his name, email and password in the startup menu of the company website and register a free website. He would then have the access to avail the features within the menu to create a free website. When it comes to the prices charged, the website doesn’t reveal much. Hence the package could be free for initial users which is an incentive for new subscribers. The website is currently available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Chinese languages. Check

Jimdo’s website builder (at works on ease of use concept. Regardless of the quality of business the user is involved in, Jimdo enables the user to create his own professional website. Its online store is Jimdo’s added advantage. The online store allows users to make payments through different methods. The other features of the online store include inventory tracking and order management. However every change made over the website directly gets saved into the live website. Hence users must be aware while availing the service. The interface of Jimdo supports eleven languages, while the editor supports all the languages. In addition, users can edit Page titles, Meta descriptions, Meta tags, and image ALT through Jimdo’s PRO plan.

The above mentioned tools can be considered the best trending website designing options available. What’s even better is that they are easily available to create your own free website.

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