Top 5 Content mistakes that Google Panda sees and slaps

When Google released its first Panda update, it was surely and purely for spammers, it still is. But difficult times don’t ask for your permission to come, they just say hello and slap you in front of your face.

Well there are certain practices that make you look like spammers, and should be avoided. Here is how I drive my blog with a rear logo saying “Panda-On-Board”

#1 Improper Title

There were times when keywords in the title and heading were seen and given more importance by Google, but after the updates – it’s a spam. Let me show you the difference

“Blogging tips, How to Blog tips, tips about blogging”

These where the title tags used two years ago, and now they are seen as spamming methods, a proper heading would use less of the keywords and more of the “Short line description about the article”

Search Bots are intelligent now; they see what your content is and automatically place it where it belongs, and if they see any improper keyword stuffing in the heading, you my friend are out the league then.

A proper heading would be like:

“The article covers tips about blogging (or anything that your article is about)”

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#2 Don’t let bounce back ratio rise

If somehow you get to the first page of Search Engine, and your content is not worth it, and visitors come and go back, then your bounce back ratio would be high.

And obviously this ratio could be seen by Google also, and you are sure to drop of your rank.

So write content worth reading for.

#3 Copied/Spun or Unnatural content

Well there are people who want “hard cash without hard word”. Copied or spun articles not only reduce blogs quality in search engines indexing but also decrease your chances to show up in very first pages of Google. And that’s the last thing you want to happen to your blog.

You must have heard a lot about the term “Content is king”, but have you actually researched about it a little, I would just add another word to it.

Quality content is King”

Well google is never partial and we all know that, we just need to make it more clear, that people who work hard will be rewarded and the copycats would be punished.

You should promise yourself three points

I will never I will always:
1 Steal Write original
2 Copy Be creative
or and
3 Modify Create sharable content

Would you like if you have to read an unedited article or post, with a lots of grammatical errors and a lot of un-margined space.

#4 If it’s not readable it’s not worth writing for

When you write something, write in a way that people would love to read it. To test it you can read it yourself.

Google hates grammar mistakes, I’m not saying to do everything “by-the-book”, but atleast make it worth reading for.

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#5 Be ready for surprises

SEO is ever evolving and changing, not because Search engines have to do it, but because they will always have to keep spammers of their track and back.

Spammers somehow find the loopholes and backdoors to infiltrate the results. And to avoid them Google will always make changes to its algorithms.

Secondly, they have to give the best to their users.

# And if you still feel something’s missing, you are my favourite reader to write it in the comment section below.

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