Top 5 writing mistakes that will NOT make you look like an elite writer

When you are writing something for the readers, there are points that you should remember while writing. But, what about the mistakes most people commonly do.

I’m not saying that you can’t write well, I’m just going to point out the common mistakes that many of us do, sometimes including me. And we should take some measures to improve it.

#1 Write for the readers

Like I told you, we are writing for our readers, and nothing great than them. We often write something that is meant to be in a professional column, we forget that many of our users may not be known to certain advanced terms, and this may result in losing our brand value.

Write easy: We want to make a point, this doesn’t means that we think everyone will be knowing everything that you are writing about.  If you still have to use some sort of high professional words, please explain them – what it means and what is the importance of it in your article.

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#2 Don’t sell things

What I mostly encounter with common blogs is that, they always seem to push certain facts again and again. Meaning they will always write the same points in a different manner and certainly this causes a decrease in their followers. Readers think you are trying to sell your thoughts, without any strong cause or point associated with it.

You made a point, that’s it. Don’t write just to increase your word count. I specially feel if you have a great article, with full insights and research done – number of words don’t matter.

3# Don’t save your best for the last

Writers, especially new writers often think that they will save a point for the end, so if anyone reads the whole article and are not impressed above will forget what they read, after reading this strong argument

Most of you may have already understood, that when a person starts reading and if he thinks that the article is not leading him anywhere, they will simply think it’s not worth the time to finish it till the end. Simple wasn’t it

#4  I, Me and Myself

First things first, if you are a celebrity – you don’t need to convince your fan following. Secondly you are not Harsh Agarwal that people will want to know about you.

So take this as a note, when  you write please avoid writing all about yourself, if its relevant and your experience gives your article a new edge –THEN ONLY add it.

Don’t write about, “I did this, I’ll do that, I am SUPERMAN” also don’t portray that you are more experienced and the most knowledgeable person about the topic. Always be ready to accept “what you don’t know or may not know”.

This gives your visitors a new thought of conversing with you in your comments and obviously, if you reply them, they become your common subscribers or the more correct term would be “Your Loyal Audience”

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#5 Don’t write out of the box

May be you write well, maybe you can write a lot. But this does not mean you get deviated from your path and start a new niche subject. Your blog is what others want and if you write something that is unrelated or unwanted, then you my friend, you’re doing it wrong.

Stick to your always known category, don’t write if you can’t come up with something related to your own niche subject.

#6 Bonus point: Research, know this, then term do it

When you see something new in your category and someone has already written about it, and you also want to add the same in your blog. Then don’t just copy-paste it, or just rehash it.

Explore a bit more, read the other persons article and the follow up his comments, I tell you comments are the best way to learn from, people from various communities come and give their thoughts on it, and they are the best way to know what the previous article didn’t cover in it, so you have a chance of completing it in your own article.

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# On to you

If you feel the article could have a bit more and it feels, somewhat incomplete – then comment box is waiting for your valuable comments. Please enlighten us and our readers for more, we are always hungry for new viewpoints.

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