Top Five Free Blogging Platform to blog[UPDATED]

There are many bloggers out there giving tips and how-to guide about blogging, and even I do it sometimes on many of my blogs, but most of the new comers don’t know where to start from and they actually take a good amount of time figuring that out.

So if you are also one of those thinking to blog, it’s a very good idea and it’s also a very great way to express your thoughts, it’s a powerful tool if used in a correct way and will definitely help you to build your presence in this WEBworld.

Now to start of you may not have enough knowledge of development, or what applications or tools may come in handy in the coming times. So no need to search or do anything, simply use these free blogging platforms listed below: 

Well it is most used and safe blogging platform for every blogger, even if you are an expert or beginning your blog. It has loads of features (that include Traffic statistics, spam filters, and most importantly themes). The themes offered by wordpress are one of the most elegant themes on the web and many are actually free.

The platform is used by experts and with its forum support it makes it more versatile and the most guided community on the Internet.

It’s just too good to be on WordPress.


            Most common and most heard blogging platform, most of the bloggers out there start from this (including me), There is no extra things that confuse you, and not much of a jetplane like Dashboard to irritate you, which makes it the most user friendly interface that I have seen anywhere.

Best part it there are plenty of free (and paid) themes available on the net to help you make your blog look good. Every this is just too simple to understand, due to which maybe it is the most used platform among my friends.

Another Best part it is provided by the best: Google itself.

            The platform is actually based on wordpress platform, but the thing it has lot of more themes than that and has loads of application for you, but the problem is it display ads on your blogs, more than wordpress itself. But if you are getting those fully developed plugins ( I mean different plugins), so why not .

It has a unique domain name itself (, which actually compels many to use it.

[UPDATE]TypePad(its paid):

            The only thing good about this platform is its user interface, rest the theme and application or plugins they offer are limited and whatever you think you will have to pay to get even a little out of it.

Not much of a catch here but bloggers like me use it only because of its Simple Dashboard.

            It is just too special for the people who love to upload loads of images and music files, it is not just another platform – its super packed with loads of features for you and even have third party apps to be combined together (Like Google analytics).

My advice for the newbies:

            There are many blogging platforms for the upcoming bloggers out there, but choosing the right one is upto you, these were my personal favourites and there are plenty more to choose from.
Just think over what you need from them and how do you plan to use your blog, and for what you need.

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