Top Six TV apps for your latest smartphone

It is often found that one-third of all the smartphone owners make use of their phones while they are watching television. Approximately, half of all the users spend the time by logging onto the sites such as Twitter and Face book, but there are many who are having a look at one of these nifty applications that are structured keeping in mind the mindset of the television lovers.

 GetGlue – GetGlue is considered to be an entertainment based definitive social networking website for all the television lovers. Users can easily “check-in” to the different shows, sports and movies that they consume by making use of a website, device specific application or mobile website. You can watch any show in real time by providing you digital stickers. There are many stickers that are available to you for a short span of time which makes them all the more collectable. The other stickers come into view randomly as a reward for showing interest in any show pre launch, repeat viewings or simply trying to be an active gluer. After you can get hold of a bunch of virtual stickers, you can order for a hard copy set from GetGlue absolutely free of cost.

When you are not actively watching television you can obviously visit the site to write exclusive reviews, like your favourite actors and shows and tag on other gluers with similar kind of tastes. You can even hook into your GetGlue account to your social media accounts and your check-ins will eventually appear as your status updates on Facebook or Twitter.

Shazam – If you consider television viewing experience, music is a huge part of it. These days you will find television shows making use of soundtrack which is made up of rock, pop and country tunes – the tunes you would love to hear again and again. This is exactly where Shazam comes in. You just need to activate the application while the song is being played on television. Shazam will listen to it and let you know the name of the song as well as the name of the singer. It will take you to a tour of the lyricists, YouTube details and the link from where you can purchase the song from iTunes.

IMDB Mobile – Are you aware of the actor? If not you can just grab your smartphone and take a look at him through IMDB app. You can easily look at the actors by name or air the popular Television prompts to zero to see what’s airing that particular evening. The IMDB app will also take you to the right episode where you can give your own reviews, have a look at the photographs and get hold of more reviews on the cast as well as crew. You can even go through the small sized recap of the lately aired episodes of the popular shows available.

InToNow – InToNow is basically a speech recognition tool that usually listens to the shows that you are watching and provide you with the details of the program and its name automatically. This particular app will also connect you to the IMDB and Netflix which is so far entertaining as well as practical. Mobile – Are you a fan of The CW or CBS? If yes, you need to download The application is fully loaded with high-class video, with interviews and clips and full episodes of shows from the CBS library that comprises of CNET, The Insider and Showtime.

Hulu Plus application– Hulu Plus application is accessible for almost all the major smartphone operating systems. With a monthly subscription of $7.99 Hulu Plus will be available. It charges all its viewers, anything that they prefer viewing; you can observe several of your favorite shows, both present as well as past.

Gone are the days when people used to gather around television in their living room. Today individuals hold the freedom to watch out their favourite television shows wherever they want to watch through their stylish Smartphone. Enabling this type of feature on your Smartphone is not that difficult at all as you consider.

Author Bio: Rosette is associated with Spanish news channel Univision Telenovelas. She follows technology journals on a regular basis and here she is sharing her valuable knowledge with us.


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