What Exactly Is Do-Follow Or No Follow Link(s)?

Well for many a times you must have heard or read the term Do-Follow or No-Follow links, and many of us still try to understand what exactly it is.

Now if you are new to blogging, you definitely need to understand these Basics of SEO, as they are the building blocks of every successful internet pro.

No-Follow links:

When you write something on your blog and also want to give a link back to someone who actually added a value to your article, but are afraid of letting go off link juice, you use a “No-follow” link attribute in your HTML code to avoid Google from indexing that other site.

Do-Follow links:

Do follow links are simple, i.e. they are just diversions from one page to another, and there is a very high probability of that search engines might actually think of it as a spam link. Which also can get you banned or penalized from search engines result page, and that is a BAD thing to happen to anyone, especially if he has put in a lot of effort to pull his site up on the rankings

When should you use a No-Follow link?

If you are linking to a page that is outside your blog or is actually linking to some other site, you may want to avoid it as Google may think of it as a paid or a reciprocal link.

When should you use a Do-Follow link?

When you are linking to your own blog or website, you should actually use it, because a search will not think of it as a spam

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