What is SEO? What Search engine Optimization covers (Part 2)

In my last about the SEO article, I explained what exactly it is. Now with its continuation I would elaborate more about it.

If you are thinking to optimize your site, that is a good decision. But do you know what are the factors you should be working on or what are things that are need to be covered, are any rules or guidelines to do it?.

Yes, to all of the above questions. What exactly should you look up to

Site optimization actually became famous in the 90’s, and since then there have been changes made by search engine’s (especially Google) to get good results on their first page. They want to show the best to the user and expect the same from the publishers.

Now before I go any further, I want to let you know that all the site owners are publishers, simply because they publish content. Even the online retail sales websites, known as e-commerce retailing is also a publisher in the mind set of search engines. As they also publish their items to the people who review them and buy it from them. Simple. Now let’s move further to the point.

There are many ways to make your blog visible to search engines. But what we are going to understand two right now and then we will follow up the rest:

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

Now I have also written about these in my last article, I would like to brief you about it.

On Page SEO:  In this we optimize our site’s HTML attributes, so as to make it search engine friendly. We simply add “tags”, “met-tags” or filling it with keywords that are used in correct proportion. Basically doing things “ON OUR WEBSITE”, like changing its attributes to suit search bots’ or crawlers.

The method basically concentrates on making your site more available and to be more viewable to crawlers, by changing it form inside or working on it.

Whereas Off Page SEO helps your site to be more visible from outside, that is working from not on your site but for your site, it is a form of brand promotion and marketing of your website to let crawlers and other people know about it.

We do a lot in this, but basically we build links from various sites that link to ours, which is known as link building.

Off page is entirely concentrated on keyword domination, i.e. which keyword should be designated to your site and what keyword to be emphasised on what link. This also very much concentrates on your Page Ranking Factors.

These two techniques are few blocks of building a successful website, and having it known to search engines like Google and others.

Next chapter what exactly is On-Page SEO?

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