What is Social Media Marketing? What has changed with it?

So what is it exactly?

From the definition point of view Social Media Marketing (SMM) is just another way of interacting with your audience, especially with the help of social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Orkut.

Latest strategies also include social bookmarking, on the various sites like Stumbleupon, Delicious etc.

Social media has also emerged as a new building block to analyse the trends happening on the web, it’s also serves new content, new stories much more virally and effectively in a short span of time

Why Social Media Marketing?

The most important fact of using social media is that is reduces your cost of marketing in several ways, from achieving your goals to completing your campaigns; all can be done fast and in a more effective way.

Another fact that lies in it is that you come one step closer to your audience and know them more precisely than ever before. You come to know: what they wish for, what are they interested in? And most importantly what makes them busy?

It determines and gives you an opportunity to understand the latest trends, coming in and fading out. Which was earlier a very far approach.

Brand awareness

Almost everyone that uses internet, has a Facebook (or any other social) account. Many studies have found out that people using these social platforms are logged in, most of the times of the day, so to interact with them using the same platform gives marketing a new edge.

You decide how to get to your users and also make your product visible to them.

Making plans with it

As I said, you come a little more close to your targeted audience and actually see new patterns in their queries, it helps analysts make different strategies to acquire more audience and get more effective ways to promote their product in the market.

Flexibility to reach a certain group for the people

You can actually get to the correct user base, i.e. if you want to reach out to a group of people that fall in the certain age category you can directly converse with them.

For example, if you have a site that relates to game(s), you can target a set of audience that falls between (like say) 18 to 30 years of age.

Flexibility, as the heading suggests, doesn’t end here you can choose, between countries, languages, age group and much more.

Your audience stays with you even if you go on holidays

Once someone is following you on Facebook (or any other social platform), it is just not a usual habit of anyone to remove themselves from your page or product page.

You don’t have time to reach them, they will reach you.

You don’t entertain them, they will be entertained by someone else till the time you come back

Simple, whenever you publish anything on social media sites, that reaches everyone in your audience. So they never leave you (indirectly)

Take your share from it

You have multiple products and sites that relate to different niche subjects, and all you have to do is to just mark the set of people and reach them.

You will have the whole world to choose from, making your content and marketing strategies fit for every one and almost everything.

If you have any other thoughts on Social Media Marketing please share it with us, in the comments below.

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