What it takes to guest blogging?

With the increasing algorithm updates from Google, simple link building techniques are not working, hence new era of web marketing has taken place. And after which many of the old techniques may mark you as a spam blogger.

 With the increased number of people bending to make new formulas work, guest blogging gives a platform to express yourself.

#1 What it helps you to attain.

1(a) You’ll known to the regular readers of the blog:

Now if your article succeeds to pass the test of the editor, and gets published, every regular reader will know you, your blog and even the new visitors that come to the site will see you as an established writer.

  • Not only their regular visitors, but the RSS alerts will help you gain new exposure.

1(b) You get to be viral

If your post is really very helpful, and well written, people will definitely share it. And this gives you an opportunity to become a celebrity. And if you can manage this reputation, you may indeed rise far above than the rest

1(c) Opportunity my friend, Opportunity

Bloggers like Harsh Agarwal(from shoutmeloud.com) will know you; blogs like SEOmoz are in the mind of every successful blogger. They may mail you for your services or better they may even ask you to do a guest blog on their own blog.

1(d) You don’t need a resume

Even if the professionals don’t ask you, you may directly approach them and send a link to your post, as a piece of your talent. And if they like it “Happy days are coming” my friend

1(e) And obviously you get a link back – (I don’t feel a need to explain this)

1(f) You never fail

Like I told you pro-bloggers read other blogs, like if you are published on Search Engine Journal, they will always remember you. Once you are in the authors’ category, you are already a pro-blogger.

#2 “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

There is nothing special in the quote but it fits perfectly for the ones thinking to Guest blog.

2(a) Stop being a salesman and do the real work

The most annoying messages I get are like

“Hello webmaster,

You have a great site and I would like to publish something, we have XYZ articles to choose from, we provide great XYZ services.

Waiting for your response

Thank you”

I mean what are doing, are you even serious about getting your article published. The only response they get from me is “okay, seen – go to trash bin”

Why? The most obvious answer is

“You don’t even know my name, and if you would have gone through my site, you would have known my name and mentioned it. And moreover you are wanting me to choose content for my site, if you liked it, don’t you know what kind of articles I publish in their”

When mailing someone, make it look like a request. After all it’s you, who wants to get your work done.

Do a little research, go over the blog, take some time to think and (most importantly) take time to write the article, see if you can match the standards of blog.

And STOP SELLING THINGS when you yourself want something

2(b) Don’t write, for writing sake only

When you are done with writing, read it over and think again, if it suits the other person’s requirement, does it matches the guidelines (if provided)

2(c) Stop writing reviews

If they want it, they will do it themselves. They want meaningful insights about their niche category. And if you can’t give that, then sorry they may slam your email again.

At-least I would.

2(d) Insights, research and explore – if you don’t know these terms please don’t write

If you are actually thinking that people will approve only because they accept guest post, then think again, YOU REACHED THEM.

#3 At last: Promise yourself 5 things

a)      I will never spam anyone

b)      I will write what i can read

c)       I will keep in mind that user response is the final fruit to cherish

d)      I will keep the guest blogging guidelines in mind

e)      I will never spam anyone even if they reject my article.

It builds professional relationships, and brings out the best from you to showcase in front of the world

#4  Still feel like something’s missing

The comment box is all yours, add your valuable feedbacks, I will surely jump-in.

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  1. Great post. Overall guest blogging revolves around a community and you have to become part of it, so networking and interacting on Facebook with similar fan pages is a great way to find relevant websites and build a  reputation, as well as fans.

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