Zomato, Now in London

The leading online restaurant website, Zomato.com from New Delhi, India has risen and made its way to London. After a successful play record in India they went to Dubai where they were welcomed with a warm heart from everyone and now it’s time for London to see the menu cards.

Deepinder Goyal, CEO and the man behind the unique idea of showing menu cards on his website has travelled a lot in a short period that started from 2008, and ever since then it was just too good to see a company rising from an apartment to an internationally known online brand.

They already have more than 14000 restaurants of London listed and their team is out there picking up every restaurant, and just to let you know that they uploading menus for more than 500 restaurants every day.

“Because we are not scared of a fight”, they said it on their blog post after posting a question why London and not an easier market. The blog post they published also says that London has near to 50% of the total market in India.

They already have their apps for iOS and Android platform, and consistently increasing their content for the users. But what they don’t want to do is to wait; they are already competing with the next big player in London.

Now that the Indian tech industry is booming with brain-ies like Deepinder, we are sure to see a lot from Zomato.com, and surely will see them rise.

And oh yes!! They are Hiring for Zomato London

My best wishes to Zomato Team. And hope we talk about more of the achievements soon.


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